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Written by Denise Montana   
Wednesday, 21 October 2009 14:57

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Scared Money 09/04

Explosive, sharp, taut, and atmospheric, SCARED MONEY, the second novel to feature Jeremiah and Clyde after the acclaimed The Night of the Dance will keep you riveted from first page to last!

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When the CIA comes knocking, asking ex-Texas Ranger Jeremiah Spur for a favor, he's not all that interested in helping. Not until the agent lets slip that the man asking for his assistance specifically requested Jeremiah, but won't say why. Reluctantly he agrees to the job, traveling from his quiet ranch in tiny Brenham, Texas, to the big city—Austin—in order to investigate the disappearance of an accountant, who vanished along with $10 million of his boss's money.

At the same time, Deputy Sheriff Clyde Thomas—a black man in a rural Texas jurisdiction who worked with Jeremiah on the last murder case to hit Brenham—is looking into the shooting deaths of a local drug dealer and his girlfriend, a violent and nasty crime for the usually quiet town. Clyde's working theory is that it's a turf war for drug territory, but there are a lot of questions. It seems unlikely that Captain Spur's case and Deputy Thomas's case are related. But in all things criminal, even in sleepy Brenham, Texas, things are rarely what they seem.

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