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Where Armadillos Go to Die

Where Armadillos Go to Die 11/09

5 Years since James Himes's stunning Edgar-nominated debut, it's been worth the wait. ... Jeremiah Spur, retired Ranger, a part pitch perfect for Tommy Lee Jones, slow burns off the page till he literally blisters into your heart. This is mystery writing at the very height of its game. ~ Ken Bruen
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Sylvester Bradshaw owns the Bouree restaurant, home of the best catfish in Brenham, Texas. He's also known to be one of the most unpleasant residents of Brenham, and not just because he's stubborn, racist, and mean. Sylvester also happens to have invented a machine that several venture capitalists and one former NFL star would like to invest in, but he's not sharing.

When the restaurant is ransacked and he goes missing, the only person willing to take his disappearance seriously is Jeremiah Spur. The retired Texas Ranger and rancher is a dedicated customer if not a friend, and decidedly more competent than the local law enforcement.